Become a Fashion Consultant

Have you always wanted to own your business? Do something you love? Set your own hours, be your own boss?  Help women become more confident?


I am only guessing but I bet you said yes to a few of those! Ladies, Be apart of something HUGE!!!!!!!

A few more reasons you should maybe contemplate joining me & all the other lovelies…….

~ First year(2013) of business sales were 3 million dollars

~2015 sales company wide are projected at 30 Million dollars (there are just about 3000 consultants…do that math)  Which has already been surpassed.

~By year 5 you will be apart of a billion dollar company, setting YOUR hours building YOUR business.

~You can host pop ups in~home or online. (Host in your legging and classic T with a glass of wine in hand)

~On average a consultant can earn $2,800 per month  (My team is not average :p)

For more info Email, call, text or personal message me on Facebook with any and all questions (all of my contact info is in the contact page) or use this link


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